Mobility4EU “Action Plan for Future Mobility in Europe” aims to:

  • identify and assess societal challenges that will influence future transport demand and supply
  • establish a future vision of a transport system in 2030 that reflects the various societal drivers in a comprehensive and balanced manner
  • develop an action plan including a roadmap for the implementation of that vision taking into account user needs, the contribution of new mobility concepts to transport efficiency in all modes, the implication of these new concepts on policy, examination of resistance to new solutions by society, new business models, promotion of consensus building and dissemination of good practices
  • recommend tangible measures in research, innovation and implementation for meeting the respective targets and challenges
  • sustain the work of the project beyond its duration, e.g. in the form of a new European Transport and Mobility Forum.

To achieve these objectives, Mobility4EU set a participatory framework involving all relevant actors from inside and outside the transport sector covering all transport modes including international, European and national stakeholders representing users including specific groups and communities that are vulnerable to exclusion, technology suppliers, policy makers, transport service providers, research organisations.