“Towards user-centric transport in Europe. Challenges, solutions and collaborations”, jointly organized by the projects MOBILITY4EU and MIND-SETS, successfully took place on the 22nd and 23rd of May, 2017 at the Conference Centre Bouche à Oreille, in Brussels.

The two projects decided to complement their expertise and host a joint event in order to shed light on the global socio-economic and environmental demands, currently posing new challenges on transport in Europe. The event brought together experts for innovations in transport and mobility across all modes to collaborate and share original solutions to common problems. Keynote speakers along with six ongoing European projects that are looking into future transport and mobility needs and solutions in Europe provided the impetus for a discussion. Together with the conference participants, TUCTE tried to create a new prism through which to understand European transport.

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107 people from all over Europe attended the event. Participants comprised representatives from the industry, regulatory bodies, research organisations and ETPs (ACARE, ALICE, ERRAC, ERTRAC, Waterborne), involved in more than 50 EU funded projects and with insterests in different types of transport modes.





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