Stakeholder Consultation Activities

MOBILITY4EU project compiled a vision for a user-centered and cross-modal European transport system in 2030 and presents an Action Plan to implement that vision.  The draft of this Action Plan is currently put into a broad stakeholder consultation. It comprises several activities with the objective to address different interest groups: representatives from the ETPs, transport users, mobility policy makers and providers of mobility services as well as producers of the required vehicles and infrastructure. Interactive sessions at several conferences and workshops were being held.


The ONLINE SURVEY has been open to all contributions until 26th of October 2018, to widen the reach and gather systematic feedback.

Interactive Conference Sessions and Workshops

One path of consultation covers the distribution and discussion of the Action Plan in dedicated interactive sessions at several different mobility and transport related conferences as well as workshops. Feedback of different interest groups is being collected in group discussions. This feedback will be implemented successively in a final version of the Action Plan.

Invited session “Modal synergies for future mobility”

TRA Conference 2018, 16 – 19 April, Vienna

The invited session was organised jointly with partners from the EU-funded project SETRIS. During the session, three topics “Automation”, “Decarbonisation” and “Integrated Services and Passenger Information” were discussed in three rotating groups in order to give every participant the opportunity to discuss each of the three topics. The group of participants represented technology and service suppliers as well as research, industry and the ETPs.

Challenge session “Tailor-made mobility solutions for happy regions”

ECOMM Conference 2018, 30 May – 01 June, Uppsala

Mobility planning aspects of the Vision 2030 were presented. The participants identified barriers towards that vision and developed actions to overcome these barriers. Most of the participants represented mobility and transport planners from different European municipalities.

Hands-on session

FTA – Future in the making Conference 2018, 4-5 June, Brussels

The story mapping method, which was applied in the Mobility4EU project to develop the Vision 2030 and the according Action Plan towards a user-centric and cross-modal European transport system, was presented as a feasible foresight approach. The participants applied the story mapping method and interactively developed roadmaps towards the three different passenger journeys from the Vision 2030: seamless, sustainable and inclusive. Most of the participants represented the policy stakeholder group.

Joint CAMERA/M4EU Workshop “European Mobility for the Future – Strategic Roadmaps and Performance Assessment”

15 June 2018, Blue Point Brussels

The objective of the workshop was the engagement of all stakeholders in the discussion of existing mobility roadmaps, the development and consultation of the Mobiliy4EU Action Plan and the development of key performance indicators (KPIs) for the performance measurement of the European mobility system in the CAMERA project. Participants of the workshop represented the ETPs as well as transport service and infrastructure providers and user representatives.

Online Survey

The survey was open to wide contribution until 26th of OCTOBER 2018; its objective was to collect feedback on the Action Plan in a more systematic manner than in the interactive discussions. A wide range of participants from different interest groups were reached, in addition to the participants of the previous consultation activities. The feedback from the surveys will be included in the final version of the Action Plan and thus complemented the consultation activities.

Each main action area from the Action Plan was addressed by one survey:

  • Low-to-zero emission mobility (electrification,hybridization and other alternative fuels)
  • Automation and Connected Driving
  • Safety, Security and Cyber-Security in Transport
  • Mobility Planning
  • Cross-modal/cross-border transport and Integration of Novel Mobility Services in Public Transport
  • Inclusion: Putting the User in the Centre

Get involved


  • 1 – Choose one or more Action Plan areas and open the roadmaps
  • 2 – Open the respective links to the online surveys
  • 3 – Keep the roadmap at hand while answering the survey

Reading through the information and the roadmap of an area might approximately take 20-25 minutes. Compiling the survey will only take 10-15 minutes. If you would like to get an overview of the whole Action Plan document, please follow the link:

Download PDF→


Action Plan area 1: Low-/Zero-Emission Mobility
Action Plan area 2: Automation and Connected Driving
Action Plan area 3: Safety and (Cyber-)Security in Transport
Action Plan area 4: Mobility Planning
Action Plan area 5: Cross-modal/Cross-border Transport
Action Plan area 6: Inclusion: Putting the User in the Centre
D 5.15 Stakeholder Consultation Conference

Survey links

Survey area 1: Low-/Zero-Emission Mobility
Survey area 2: Automation and Connected Driving
Survey area 3: Safety and (Cyber-)Security in Transport
Survey area 4: Mobility Planning
Survey area 5: Cross-modal/Cross-border Transport
Survey area 6: Inclusion: Putting the User in the Centre
Expert consultation on the Action Plan towards a user-centred and cross-modal European transport system in 2030

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