ETM ForumLaunch Event


25th March 2019, 14.00 – 17.00

Blue Point Venues

In 2017, within the activities of the project Mobility4EU (H2020 CSA),  the initiative for building the European Transport and Mobility Forum has been launched. The ETM Forum intends to connect stakeholders to discuss and advocate for user-centric approaches and cross-modal cooperation in transport of passenger and freight. The goal is no less than work together towards the Vision for transport in Europe in 2030 and the implementation of the Action Plan developed within Mobility4EU.



Opening Session:

Beate Müller and Gereon Meyer (VDI/VDE-IT ) welcomed participants and shortly introduced the Mobility4EU project. Soon after our project officer, Oana Melinceanu (European Commission – DG Research and Innovation, Unit Transport Strategy) gave a presentation about the perspectives from policy and insights on future transport research as envisioned by the European Commission.

A keynote “Creating out Future Mobility” was given by Elke Bossaert, Managing Director at Mobiel21. She underlined the importance of active mobility and user-centredness, which should be a priority when implementing new technologies. She also encouraged a stronger effort in bringing users into the design of new solutions, since choices may differ from what expected and automation could support vulnerable categories but indeed it will have a big impact on other citizens life and on urban space.

ETM Forum Launch and statements from partners

Several Mobility4EU partners declared their support to the ETM Forum through short statements. The ETM Forum aims to sustain the stakeholder network that has come to life during the project and continue to work on the focus issues that have been elaborated within the project. It advocates for user-centric approaches and cross-modal cooperation in transport of passenger and freight.

Beate Müller, VDI/VDE-IT and Rebecca Hueting, Deep Blue, introduced the mission, goals and planned activities of the ETM Forum. The online community, the working tool of the ETM Forum, was presented and officially launched. Participants were invited to discuss impacts and reasons to join.

Working Groups Pitches


Each existing Working Group of the ETM Forum presented goals and activities. Participation to the interactive discussions on further topics was strongly suggested by Working Group Leaders: Thierry Coosemans, VUB-MOBI, Erszébet Földesi, Budapest Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities and Imre Keserü, VUB-MOBI.

The work of the three initial Working Groups on “Co-creation for mobility planning”, “Involving users in R&D&I” and “Viable business for seamless transport”  have been kicking-off their work in last year TUCTE18.


Panel Discussion

In the last session Gereon Meyer, VDI/VDE-IT moderated the panel on “Barriers and synergies for the implementation of a user-centric and multimodal transport system”.


  • Angelo Meulemann, Taxistop
  • Julia Wadoux, AGE-Platform
  • Armando Carillo Zanuy, EURNEX
  • Erszébet Földesi, Budapest Association of Persons with Physical Disabilities
  • Imre Keserü, VUB-MOBI
  • Marcia Urban, Bauhaus Luftfahrt


The panel was invited to comment on the questions and answers given in real-time by participants. Thanks to this interactive poll tool, panelists were able to observe how user-centredness can be tangled by innovative tools and methods used in research.

A short report on answers and panel discussion will be published shortly in this page. Find pictures and related contents below.


38 people among partners’ members and invited stakeholders joined the event. Six people connected via live-streaming from Belgium, Bulgary, Hungary and United Kingdom.


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