Societal Requirements and Current Challenges for Transport

1st workshop, 3 May 2016, Berlin

The objective of the 1st Workshop on “Societal Requirements and Current Challenges for Transport” is to to validate the first project results on trends, societal drivers and their implications on mobility demand together with the diverse stakeholder group of the consortium, the associated partners and external experts.

Event structure

The first workshop of the project Mobility4EU was held on 03 May 2016 in Berlin.

The workshop was based on two main sessions:

  • Opening Session with a Keynote by Siegfried Rupprecht, Rupprecht Consult, Coordinator of the finalized FP7 project Transforum. (
  •  Four interactive discussion sessions to create a comprehensive landscape of societal trends and factors, e.g. policy, technology, economy, that will influence the future mobility transport system.

Opening session

Siegfried Rupprecht presents the Transforum project and its results, in particular with regard to the upcoming questions and tasks in the Mobility4EU project.

Interactive session

Four key questions lead the group discussion in the different phases of the interactive sessions:

  • Which political, economic and societal factors will probably determine mobility demand in 2030?
  • Which technology frameworks will probably enable the supply transport solutions in 2030?
  • Which uncertainties will remain?
  • Which factors will drive the system within the next 15 years?


107 people from all over Europe attended the event. Participants comprised representatives from the industry, regulatory bodies, research organisations and ETPs (ACARE, ALICE, ERRAC, ERTRAC, Waterborne), involved in more than 50 EU funded projects and with insterests in different types of transport modes.

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